When Workforce Schedule & Parenthood Collide: The 14 Week Dilemma

When Workforce Schedule & Parenthood Collide: The 14 Week Dilemma

With the average employee receiving only about ten days (two weeks) of paid vacation time per year, this leaves 14 weeks a year when parents have no vacation time and kids aren’t in school, putting the traditional U.S. workforce schedule in direct conflict with… Parenthood.

The result? For families, it’s stress. The research and logistics required to find and secure quality school break programs for more than three months each year is draining and distracting.

Boston Venture Capitalists, Childcare Industry Experts Join Campseekers Board of Advisors

Several area executives have joined the board of advisors of Campseekers, a company that helps top employers retain working parents by providing a wellness benefit of discounted school break childcare programs. Clients include General Dynamics, Spencer Stuart, and Bullhorn, as well as other top employers in the healthcare, legal and technology fields.

Boston’s Top Employers Aim to Solve School Break Childcare Needs of Their Working Parents

Some of Boston’s most well-known employers in healthcare, legal and technology have started offering a new childcare benefit to their employers courtesy of Campseekers, a company that provides exclusive access to discounted summer and school break programs.