Juggling Winter School Break and End-of-year Obligations Equates to High Stress For Working Parents

Are you feeling the buzz from your children? The anticipation of winter school break - a full 7-10 days off from school – is in full force in households across the country.

Indeed, the holidays are a special time and by December, most school age children are grateful for a reprieve from classrooms and their daily routine. But, for working parents, winter break often represents a confluence of stressors: holiday planning in is full force, travel may be ahead, pressures at work to complete project by year-end is high – and school is out. The children are home and need supervision, yet work demands are high.

The 14 weeks a year that working parents when to find child care don’t fall only in the summer. One-third of that time takes place during the actual academic year, whether it be holiday break, spring break or the one-day federal holidays and teacher professional days. And while many families save vacation time for these situations, it’s often not feasible to take a full 1-2 weeks off to coincide with the school calendar.

What can a working family do to find child care during school-year breaks?

While it might seem daunting, one-day, multi-day and full week programs are available and Campseekers has done the research to make it easy for working parents to find camps that meet their families needs and interests. We’ve scoured museums, nature centers, and fitness facilities and uncovered everything from Mass Audubon’s Explorers Program in suburban Boston to sports camp galore at Got Game in Southern California. Whether it’s sewing, kung fu, theater or gymnastics, you can guarantee that nature centers, museums and fitness facilities in your area are planning programs to engage kids on days off from school.

Campseekers creates curated networks of school vacation programs for top employers to offer as a wellness benefit for working parents. Is your company on board? If not, ask them to give us a call!