Boston Venture Capitalists, Childcare Industry Experts Join Campseekers Board of Advisors

BOSTON // April 26, 2017 – Several area executives have joined the board of advisors of Campseekers, a company that helps top employers retain working parents by providing a wellness benefit of discounted school break childcare programs. Clients include General Dynamics, Spencer Stuart, and Bullhorn, as well as other top employers in the healthcare, legal and technology fields.

New members of Campseekers’ Board of Advisors include:

Jon Carson, a serial entrepreneur who built multiple companies with notable exits including BiddingForGood (acquired by Fronstream/Arsenal Capital) and FamilyEducation Network (acquired by Pearson plc);

David Chang, an entrepreneur and angel investor with deep experience in product, marketing and software development at venture-backed start-ups including PayPal and TripAdvisor;

Danna Greenburg, the Walter H. Carpenter Professor of Organizational Behavior at Babson College whose research examines how people manage the intersection between their work and non-work lives;

Lauren Hoops-Schmieg, the executive director of Hill House, a non-profit community center known as the "backyard in the city", offering safe, high quality programs, events and outreach activities that enrich the lives of families living in Boston;

and John Marvin, co-founder of two high-growth, profitable companies which, when sold, resulted in $100 million of investor value creation as well as CEO of ChildrenFirst, which was sold to Bright Horizons.

With more than 60% of U.S. households containing two working parents, quality, reliable childcare – and the costs and logistics that come with it – is a top concern for millions of Americans. Employer-supported childcare programs are a coveted employee benefit, yet very few, if any, new childcare-related benefits have emerged in almost a decade.

Many young families take advantage of employer-provided daycare and back-up care options, but when school begins for children around age 6, employers provide little to any benefit support to parents who need approximately 14 weeks of child care coverage for school age children. The number of lost hours due to school breaks (when parents have to take time off from work in order to care for their children) result in lost productivity of $20 billion/year.

Campseekers helps top employers – particularly those in knowledge-based businesses such as the legal, technology, medical, pharmaceutical and financial services fields, where employers put a heavier emphasis on a consistent commitment and, subsequently, more stress on absenteeism due to childcare needs - retain working parents by providing a wellness benefit that offers school break childcare options.  With Campseekers, employers are given private access to Campseekers database of school break and camp programs. Employees search the database for programs in their region, then purchase specific programs at a discounted rate. Campseekers offers access to thousands of programs across the U.S. and six different countries, from single day school break coverage to full summer overseas adventures for children ages 5 – 15.

“Each of these individuals brings a perspective, experience and skillset to Campseekers that is unique and valuable at once. Their guidance and insight helps us design a new type of wellness benefit – one that assesses the unspoken stressors of working parents. We’re thrilled to have each of these advisors on board,” said Shayne Gilbert, founder of Campseekers.

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