Boston’s Top Employers Aim to Solve School Break Childcare Needs of Their Working Parents

General Dynamics, Spencer Stuart, Bullhorn and others add Campseekers as a new childcare benefit.

BOSTON // April 12, 2017 – Some of Boston’s most well-known employers in healthcare, legal and technology have started offering a new childcare benefit to their employees courtesy of Campseekers, a company that provides exclusive access to discounted summer and school break programs.

The company today announced that General Dynamics, Spencer Stuart, and Bullhorn, as well as other top employers in the healthcare, legal and technology fields, now offer access to Campseekers proprietary database of discounted school break and summer camps to their employees.

Employer-supported childcare programs are a coveted employee benefit, yet very few, if any, new childcare-related benefits have emerged in almost a decade. With more than 60% of U.S. households containing two working parents, quality, reliable childcare – and the costs and logistics that come with it – is a top concern for millions of Americans. Many young families take advantage of employer-provided daycare and back-up care options, but when school begins for children around age 6, employers provide little to any benefit support to parents who need approximately 14 weeks of child care coverage for school age children. The number of lost hours due to school breaks (when parents have to take time off from work in order to care for their children) result in lost productivity of $20 billion/year.

Campseekers helps top employers retain working parents by providing a wellness benefit that offers school break childcare options.  With Campseekers, employers are given private access to Campseekers database of school break and camp programs. Employees search the database for programs in their region, then purchase specific programs at a discounted rate. Campseekers offers access to thousands of programs across the U.S. and six different countries, from single day school break coverage to full summer overseas adventures for children ages 5 – 15.

“Employers that are committed to helping their employees create and live thriving lives – both at work and at home – offer benefits that do more than cover the basics. They go beyond, intentionally thinking of the stresses that impact their employees and their families, and creating new benefits that solve those problems,” said Shayne Gilbert, founder of Campseekers. “Giving employees access to our wide range of quality school break programs minimizes stress and reduces costs, ultimately increasing corporate productivity by ensuring employees are available and engaged when school is not in session.”

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