A Concierge for Summer Camps? Yup, We’ve Got That.

For Elizabeth Jeffords, finding engaging summer camp options for her arts-loving 11 and 14 year-old children is no small task.

Jeffords, Vice President, Franchise Head Ophthalmology, for Genentech, a South San Francisco-based biotechnology company, starts searching for summer programs as early as January. Many top programs sell-out early, she finds, and getting the summer plan in place requires so much time and stress that it can become a job unto itself.

This year, Elizabeth discovered the Campseekers child care wellness benefit that Genentech launched for all its employees in 2017.

The first innovation in childcare benefits in over ten years, Campseekers is as wellness benefits company that helps employers support and retain top-performing employees who are working parents, and even set themselves apart when trying to recruit new talent.

Employers like Genentech recognize the challenges facing working parents who need to find child care for school-age children, especially during the 10-12 weeks of summer break. The time required to find and secure quality school break programs – which often begins as early as January - is draining and distracting to working parents. For employers, the impact is quantifiable: The number of lost working hours due to school breaks results in lost productivity of $20 billion.  

Offering Campseekers as part of their wellness benefits allows Genentech to reduce employee stress while increasing productivity during the weeks when school is out. When Jeffords took advantage of her Campseekers benefit, she was connected with her own Campseekers Concierge, who took the time to fully understand Jeffords needs for summer programs, including dates, logistics, interests and family budget. She was looking for some creative new ideas, too. “My tween kids excel in the arts, and they’re mature enough to independently handle their own camp experience, but I’d also love them to have academic enrichment as well. I knew of programs in my area, but wasn’t excited by the options for older kids.  I was happy to find that Campseekers offered ideas for camps locally and even around the country,” she said, ultimately deciding that that EXPLO, a summer program that combines learning and exploration and is held on several east coast college campuses, might be a great option for her kids. “Combining their personal interests with a sleepaway and travel experience is a great fit.”

Not only did Elizabeth have peace of mind that her children would be engaged during the summer months, her lifting was light, as Campseekers’ Concierge Team did all the research to find several options. Elizabeth minimized the amount of time she had to spend looking for camps and even found some new ideas in the process.